Thumbs up

It makes me down, it makes me lazy
I even won’t get up from bed___
My God, this Facebook (it)drives me crazy
(My God) this Facebook, it drives me mad___

verse #1
The sun comes up
and what do I do?
I check my phone
is there something new?
New post from   who?
New ‘like’ from   you?
Thumbs up thumbs down____

At work my boss
hates what I do
I check my phone
until my fingers are blue
New post from Jill?
New ‘like’ from Sue?
Thumbs up, thumbs down____

Going out with my baby
oh it makes my lover mad
I check my phone
oh it makes my lover sad
New post from Jane?
New ‘like’ from Brad?
Thumbs up, thumbs down___

Now my honey says
It’s time to choose
You check your phone
or you check on me
No posts from you
No more ‘likes’ for me?
Thumbs up, thumbs down___

(c) Geurt Franzen/2013

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