verse #1
You can take my money
you can take the clothes I wear
you can take every penny
take what you want, I just don’t care

but please____ don’t take      my name
please______    don’t take     my name

verse #2
You can take the boots I love
take my brand new shoes
you can take my hat and gloves
you can take whatever you choose

verse #3
You can take my dog, my horse
everything, just make your wish
even my fa_vorite cat is yours
from my pond just take my fish

verse #4
You can take my books, my  bed
and my blan­_kets take them too
you can take my food, my bread
take my bike, although it’s new

verse #5
You can take the laughs I had
you can take the jokes I made
you can take the songs I sang
you can take the prayers I prayed

verse #6
You can take my faith
you can take my dreams of fame
take all the friends I made
but please don’t take my name

(c) Geurt Franzen/2013


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