Dancing with the devil


The ballroom’s filled with boys and girls
the music’s oh so fine
and on the wall the shades all twirl
see how the shades are dancing.

Each boy has tried, each boy was there
the girl in red said no
she wait for the one, the one with flair
in trance she sees him dancing.

Everybody tells the girl not to go…
‘don’t go dancing… with the devil’

She sees his moves, his handsome face
his eyes, one brown, one blue
the spell’s complete, fell for his grace
but he’s the devil dancing.

She feels the rope, that no one sees
it pulls and there’s a sound
it whispers ‘come’, it whispers ‘please’
it whispers ‘please come dancing’

Look at his eyes!
Don’t go dancing!
He looks so nice!
Don’t go dancing!

And there she goes, the girl in red
she lets him take her hand
and all are shocked, the rumor’s spread
‘with the devil she goes dancing’.

(c) lyrics Geurt Franzen/music Jos Strik

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