The Bass Man

Let’s shout loud for the bass man
I think he’s hiding in the basement
I cannot sing, I cannot swing
without the rhythm of his strings
please anybody anybody call (for) the bass man!

verse #1
I was writing a little song
but all I did, it all went wrong
the rhyme was cheap, the chords were false
as if I wrote a second hand waltz

verse #2
My six string did his best, but man
he sounded like a petrol can
and all I tried, it stayed a mess
the rhythm sucked and I got stress

verse #3
Then my baby knocked on the door and said
what’s that noise, I’m shaking in my bed
I think it’s coming from the basement
what are you hiding, is that a bass man?

verse #4
Oh yeah, I replied, how could I forget
yesterday the bass man asked for a bed
I showed him a place to stay for the night
but baby now this works out all right!

verse #5
So my baby called and I shouted too
and the player came and we became a crew
and as he played his riff the song went right
and we played and played until midnight.

(c) Geurt Franzen/2013

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