Ilo Partnership Agreement

Australia is also working with the ILO on technical cooperation programmes that support the implementation of the Decent Work Programme and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the Asia-Pacific region. This cooperation is carried out through the ILO Partnership Agreement 2010 – 2015, as well as individual cooperation agreements negotiated with local representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Aid (AusAID). Australia is committed to an effective aid programme and strengthens its engagement with multilateral partners. AusAID is working to increase the contribution of official development assistance to 0.5% of GNI by 2015-16, which is actually double that. The five-year partnership agreement between the ILO and the Australian government promotes sustainable employment and decent work in the Asia-Pacific region. We are currently working with ILO voters in 13 countries in Asia and the Pacific. The agreement provides for funding of AUD 15 million for 2010-22 to support initiatives in the following five areas: 4.2 Nothing that is included in or refers to this agreement is interpreted in such a way as to create a legal partnership, a joint venture, a employment or agency relationship between the contracting parties, and the officials, representatives, workers or subcontractors of one of the parties are not considered representatives or representatives of the other party. 14.1 This agreement can only be amended by a written agreement signed by authorized representatives of the parties. 3.1 The following documents represent the entire agreement between the contracting parties and replace all agreements, agreements, communications and advance insurance: the ILO uses a standard model for PPP agreements. The text of the partnership agreement is sufficient for partnerships that do not involve financial transactions. When funding is provided by the partners, Schedule I of the model agreement is used. 14.3 In the event of a denunciation, the contracting parties: 2.1 This agreement begins with [the date on which this agreement is signed by the contracting parties,” or a specific date “dd/mm/yyyy”] and continues until [insert a specific date”: “dd/mm/yyyy”], unless it is terminated earlier under this Agreement.