Roku Developer Agreement

26. No advertising. They will not issue a press release or public communication on the purpose of this agreement or publish the evolution or availability of an application without Roku`s prior written consent, both on its merits and in time, at Roku`s sole discretion. Any request for approval of a press release or other public notice must be submitted to, no less than five business days before the proposed publication date, and Roku`s authorization, if granted, must be obtained in writing prior to publication. Roku Audience Network. In order to participate in Roku Audience Network, you must apply by emailing your application to and typing “New Application for Admission to the Roku Audience Network” in the reference line; Please include the name of the app and the channel ID in the body of the email text. If you are approved, you will be notified by email and the terms of this Section 4.4 will apply to the affected applications. Roku reviews all applications received, but generally only responds if admission to the Roku Audience Network is granted. Audit times vary, but in general, if you have not received a response within 3 months of your application, your application is unlikely to be approved. Entry to the Roku Audience Network is not guaranteed and is at Roku`s sole discretion – if you do not receive an email from Roku confirming your approval, Roku will not sell any advertising inventory on your behalf.

If Roku selects you to participate in Roku Audience Network, Roku accounts for 100% of your app`s ad inventory and Roku pays you 60% of your net advertising revenue. 17.1. They ensure and guarantee that: a) you have the capacity, capacity and power to conclude this Agreement; (b) you have obtained all the rights, licenses and authorizations necessary to comply with the obligations and agreements you have defined in this agreement; (c) You will not act within your obligations under this Agreement in a manner that is in conflict or impinges on existing obligations or obligations that you may have; and (d) no agreement you have previously entered into will affect the performance of your obligations under this Agreement. Copyright © 2009-2019 Roku, Inc. All rights reserved. The use of this Roku SDK documentation is limited and expressly depends on consent and compliance with the terms of the Roku Developer Tools licensing agreement: 27.3. Cumulative remedies. In addition to any notice or similar rights under common law or otherwise, Roku has the right to withdraw and withdraw any amount owed to Roku and in arre with any amount that has been issued or decreed, of any amount to be paid to you under this agreement or in any other way.

All rights and remedies under this Agreement are cumulative and not without other rights or remedies available to the parties, whether by law, justice, law, other agreement between the parties or otherwise. 6. No cost agreement. There is nothing in the agreement as amended by this change in federal conditions that requires the Agency to spend funds or make financial commitments. The parties recognize and accept that none of the obligations arising from the agreement as amended by this change in federal conditions is conditional on the payment of royalties by either party. The parties also agree that any royalty-based agreement on the Agency`s use of the platform would depart from this cost-free agreement, to the extent that a royalty-based agreement would be subject to federal procurement laws.